Hand- Lettering: Lets get digital!

It is no secret that I am a Pinterest addict! I basically use it like it’s google sometimes, it’s like my go to search engine. Over the last few days I have found some awesome sites that have and will help me a little bit more in my hand lettering. I found this site that may help me take my hand-lettering to the next level if I choose to take it here!  I think it is cool to consider digitizing my art… I mean, this is class about technology.

As I was browsing through the hand- lettering category on Pinterest I found Skillshare. It is a great site that brings leaners and creators together hosting several tutorials and classes on many different forms of arts and craft. Lucky for me I found the digitizing hand-lettering tutorial! This was like winning the lottery for me. Being to take my art digital is something I get really want to learn about. So I have decided to join this class for the month, it will only cost me about ten dollars per month ( if I decide to continue after this one month).  I hoping I can learn from these classes and hopefully produce some pieces. I will keep you posted on whether or not I have success in my digitizing journey!


here is the class’s quick introduction: