A Brief Reflection of: Autonomous vs. Ideological Literacy in Arts Ed


The Arts education curriculum is a unique curriculum in the sense that there are several facets within it. The main idea of the Arts Education curriculum is to use are to respond, produce, and reflect. Art in itself, in any arts strand is very personal. Art is not black and white and although I believe it is a necessary part of learning, it may not always be treated as such. I find that the core curriculum has a focus on autonomous literacy. While Autonomous literacy does have somewhat of a place within the Arts Education curriculum, the unwritten curriculum in is heavily based within the ideological literacy realm.

The ways in which I would like to see art in the education of my students would revolve around ideological literacy. Ideological literacy allows for a more personal approach. The social practice presented in ideological literacy, this is a key part of teaching the arts. The attention to knowledge, identity and being coincides with the Arts Education curriculum almost identically. I do however believe that art can be valued in the sense that art does incorporate an autonomous literacy that will improve social and cognitive processes.


One thought on “A Brief Reflection of: Autonomous vs. Ideological Literacy in Arts Ed

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post about Arts Education curriculum. I am a physical education major, and was just inquiring your opinion on if you think there are ways to incorporate cross curricular and have arts education and physical education coincide?


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