The Truth About Curriculum


Before reading:

I think that school curricula is developed through the knowledge of what students need to know to be a contributing and functional member of society. For example, we need to know some math, as we use it on day to day bases. Learning to write and read is also important…as I am writing this I am thinking to myself “OK, so what about the arts?”. To be honest I don’t have a clue how school curricula is developed, I guess I have just always trusted that someone one out there knows what I need to know. i do however assume that professionals in each field are consulted in each subject area. 

After reading:

Having read the article over carefully it has been made very apparent to me that our education, and what we learn/teach in school is basically a product of politics. The government and powerful/rich people have their hands on everything, and mostly to ensure that school will pump out the necessary workers they will need to benefit the province, not necessarily what the communities need just whatever makes the province money. While I don’t think it is wrong to teach students things that will help them contribute an succeed in their communities, I do not believe that anyone’s education should be up for political debate. It is almost as if we are indirectly told what we are going to do with our lives by the things we learn in our school curricula. 


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