Defining “Common Sense” (week one)

In the introduction of Against Common Sense by Kushamiro, Kumashiro writes “common sense” in brackets many times as opposed to the free standing word. As a reader when I see words in brackets or even in conversation when we use air brackets; it is as if we are acknowledging the illegitimacy of that word’s definition. In this introduction Kumashiro  legitimizes the definition of the word common sense by exemplifying the fault in the word itself. Through reading the introduction I began to realize that common sense is a cultural theory. Though I am semi embarrassed to admit it, I have never recognized the cultural aspect that is common sense until Kumashiro’s explanation ans theory.

More and more in my home of Saskatchewan today I have experienced and witnessed small portions of, for lack of a better word, culture shock. In present day I find myself not surrounded by, but with easy access to cultures different than mine. And now, reading Against Common Sense I can finally put my finger on why moving through cultures that are different to mine is… well, difficult at times. Common sense may be common within a culture or similar cultures even, but when a culture differs from another, so does the so called “common sense”. Drawing from Kumashiro’s personal experiences in Nepal, and especially as a teacher I have realized the fault in “common sense”. I am now aware of the responsibility I now have to pull away from my personal and cultural “common sense”. I have this responsibility, not only as a citizen of my multicultural home, but especially as a teacher of what will indeed be a multicultural classroom with young minds full of different “common sense”.


One thought on “Defining “Common Sense” (week one)

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog post Molly. I found many similarities in our thoughts but I also really enjoy how you pointed out you didn’t really realize there was a “cultural aspect” that is common sense until after reading this. It really made me think about how true that is!

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