NEW resources found

In the process of my personal guitar curriculum I have been searching for resources online that would help me in my process of learning guitar, but resources that could also serve me as an arts ed teacher teaching the music thread. I found a site ( I believe it may be a blog) that gives a list a apps that can help students learn music. I welcome the use of technology in the classroom and I think that apps are their to be my friend as teacher. I have not checked out all the apps yet but if you would like to check them out, and for my own records just click here and see the list for yourself!


New Resource

I have come across a site that is basically like signing up for free at home guitar lessons. The site is called Guitar TricksĀ . This site allows me to long on and find videos, and other resources to help me learn a song, some chords, or really anything I want to learn. On this site you can sign up for lessons that will help you at any level (obviously I chose the beginner levels). As I signed up I had to fill out a short questionnaire about how much I wanted to be practicing and what I was interested in. I would definitely recommend this site to other learners.