Personal Guitar Curriculum: RESOURCES

As I start my curriculum I have a few support system to help me as a learn guitar chords, songs, techniques, etc. My current resources include:

  1.  Personal help from friends and family. ( having face to face help really helps me to get all my questions a concerns answered.)
  2. In class guitar sessions for about an hour before class every Monday with Denise. (again the in-person demonstration really works for me as I need tons of examples, and reassurance)
  3. YouTube tutorials ( so far you tube has been such a help, for everything I have questions for. It is especially handy when I am unable to seek help from a teacher or critical friend.)

Here is a video I have been using to help me tune my guitar. This video is great for auditory learners, or for people like me you find that they learn more by hear.

watch video :