Week 10


While on a mission to complete one of my many assignments dues these next couple of weeks,  I stumbled upon a more formal presentation of art.  It was in my local library that I found this intriguing,  clean cut,  and though pervoking display.  The art seemed to consist of 3 large light installations.  One of the light signs said “moral hazard”, and another read “lost cause”,  and the other read as symbols. Initially I was unaware of that the symbols stood for, I though maybe it was another language.  One thing I did assume to be true was that the art had something to do with the modern world.  Maybe it even had something to do with modern society,  I know many people can feel that our society in 2015 is a moral hazard and a lost cause.  But what was this installation really about? I turned to the artist statement outside the small gallery to learn about this art and the strict behind it.

The work was done but Robert Troszkowski,  and it is titled: The Conversationalist.  As I read the statement I find that this work is open to almost complete interpretation.  There is some literary meaning behind the work,  but yet the thoughts they provoke will be different for each individual viewer.  After reading the statement I came to realize that my prior thoughts to reading the statement where predicted by the artist in a certain way.  I love the crisp and cleanness of this work.  I love the reflections of the shiny floor.  And most importantly I love what this work provoked in me.

After viewing the work and bringing my journaling about my discovery of this art I am begetting to understand the importance of researching artists.  In every art class there is always a requirement to view art and speak about an artist that you have discovered for yourself.  As artists it is important to constantly and consistently research and surround yourself with creative processes.  I think of the saying ” you become the company you keep”.  When you surround yourself with creators and creative minds you are somewhat forced into keeping your creative juices flowing.  Inspiration is fuel.  Diversity amount artists in your community and around the world can help fuel creative processes.

Over the course of my weekly creative practice I am seeing my Practice come full circle.  And I am truly seeing the value of reflecting on things I notice and directing them in and artful way.



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