Week 9


Driving around and back and forth in the ring road that surrounds Regina is an almost everyday accurate for me.  Whether I am on my way to school,  or on my way out to White City,  the ring road is always my main route.  On this main route it is not out of the ordinary to be graced with the immensely unwanted presence of  a train. These trains carry a number of items and using these items are unseen in between two metal walls which make up the train cars.

Whenever I am faced with the angering,  annoying,  and incontinent presence of a train I usually just sit I’m my car and wait.  But for some reason I watch each train car go by.  I began to notice these pipes or tubes.  I’d never seen these pipes be carried on this track before.  I began to wonder how long it would take to load the pipes in the train,  and what would happen if they fell off,  and what these popes where going to be used for.  I began to notice the straps that held these pipes together,  and the pattern they formed.  I found it interesting that there seems to be some visual organization/value to the way this train was loaded.  I came to the conclusion that visual patterns can be found everywhere.

In connection to my previous creative practice I find a connection in looking deeper into everyday places,  spaces,  and items,  and finding visual data.  This visual data can act as inspiration to art Practice or it can simply visually please the eye of the beholder.


L e a v e a C o m m e n t

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