Week 8


I have always loved to visually disect everyday items.  From door knobs  to coffee mugs there is always something to interesting about the shapes, colours,  lines,  and forms that make up our everyday lives.  Though some of these objects may seem mundane,  there had always been a desire in me to recreate or reimagine these objects in my own artful way.

I noticed in my kitchen that the tap was dripping,  and I thought to myself “oh here we go,  yet another thing that will need to be replaced”.  However as I stood there trying to adjust the tap in the perfect position,  eliminating the dripping,  I began to notice the water droplets a d the way they would hit the sink.  I became fascinating with the fact that every drop created a different splash,  leaving a new form of the puddle of water.  I thought of snowflakes and how each flake is different,  and finger prints.  The uniqueness of this “mess”  of water caught my eye. Watching the water I began to research the tap and the form of my sink.  I found the shape,  light,  and sound of the water droplets created this functional working art installation.

In connection to my previous weekly practice I am noticing that I am looking more to normal,  everyday objects,  rather than grandiose obvious objects.  I think that I were to delve into an art practice right now I would work with everyday objects making them extravagant and unique to my personal ideas.


L e a v e a C o m m e n t

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