Weekly Creative Practice: week six


Processed with VSCO with k3 preset
Processed with VSCO with k3 preset


Oct 24th,

I was washing dishes in my kitchen which over looks my backyard,  when I noticed the vivid sea of yellow.  Of course I’ve always known that leaves change colours,  and I have experienced a Saskatchewan fall since before I can remember. But I’ve never seen my backyard look anything quite like this.  The photos don’t do what I saw justice.  It might have been the way the sun had been peering through the leaves,  or my recently checked eyes but these poplar trees had never been so beautiful.  I felt like I was living in a postcard.

Because what my eyes were seeing was not what my camera was capture,  I decided to try an edit.  I used vsco presets to help the photo process to something I thought resembled more of what I was seeing.  The perfect sky blue and the deep golden yellow that are achieved in my selected preset is exactly the way that image was ingrained in my mind.  The season of autumn is famous for its vibrant warms Colours and it’s crisp air.  Though I do love autumn I have always been a “summer girl”.  However I must say,  the way my backyard is looking these days my have me jumping wagons soon!

Thinking about my findings this week I realized that art, especially within nature,  has such a strong power to make us “feel”.  I posed some questions for myself:

  • How can I create works that evoke feeling in people?
  • Do I create works that evoke feelings or emotions?
  • What do I find in art that makes me feel?

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