Weekly Creative Practice :week five


This I observed the vapour that comes shooting out of my essential oil diffuser (also known as a nebulizer).  I was getting ready for bed and going about my regular routine I turned on my nebulizer.  The relaxing hum and the comforting scents it can give make my nebulizer one of my most valued items. As I lay there and looked at something I commonly just listen to or smell I realized that watching it was relaxing in itself.

The way that the water vapour comes shooting out the spout for shapes and clouds that are always unique.  I began to watch the vapour the way people look into the sky and watch the clouds.  And yes in the pictures the vapour looks a lot like smoke,  but I assure you it most definitely not.  And that to me seemed interesting.  The fact that this water vapour purifying my air looks a lot like smoke,  something that pollutes the air.

This though began to make me ponder the idea of what I call “visuals homonym ” things that look the same but are different! I began to think of other things that might be a” visual homonym “.

20151019_143754 14453151239551663392528


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