Weekly Creative Practice : week four

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Oct 11th…..

It is the weekend of Thanksgiving and the fall decor and Thanksgiving season’s colours,  smells,  and decor are among us. I’m sure I am not the only person who would state that fall is one of the most beautiful seasons.  The scenery is always colourful and warm.  The foliage is beautiful and always catches the eye. The most favourite thing I love about fall is the sunflowers.  Though sunflowers are seen in mid to late summer,  I feel as though I see them more in the fall.  Sunflowers are the most cheerful flower (in my opinion).  In full bloom sunflowers bring so mush visual joy!

But, like all flowers,  sunflowers wilt and wither.  Although wilting cause a flower to look dead and lifeless I still find that there is a strong beautiful in the dying sunflower. I had bought some sunflowers about a week before Thanksgiving and by thank giving they had begun to wilt and wither. By the time I had gotten home from the thank giving weekend (today)  the sunflowers are evidently “on their last leg”. 

I began to examine the wiltedflower. The colours had changed slightly and the peadels shrunk in size.  The round head of the flower seems to be almost full intact,  almost as if it was still alive.  The flower itself was now facing downward,  with the steam forming an almost upside down “u”  shape.  I began to realize that although the sunflowers seemed to lose their visual joy,  they still held their beauty.  The beauty is seen is different textures,  shapes,  and colours.


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