Weekly Creative Practice: Object of Interest.

Monday October 5th.

As I am cleaning my room on my day off I come across my dad’s old camera. I have kept this camera in a safe spot in my room for years and years now. I kind of ” dibs-ed” it when my brother and I found it one day. I love photography and I love vintage things, so this camera was worth more than gold to me. Add on that this camera was my dads, and it is easily one of my most prized possessions. As I picked the camera up off the shelf to dust I began to examine it.

I looked and the old and somewhat corroded lense and all the vintage-y type colours that cannon used. The typography and the build reminded me of what is was like living in the world when I was a young child. And the memories that were captured by this camera when I was a young child. I found it so interesting that the object that captured the memories and the past, was solely reminding me of my fond memories of childhood, and my dad- the man behind the camera. I am not much of a keeper of many things from the past, but this camera will always remain one of the most important objects I have ever held.

IMG_0397 IMG_0398



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