Weekly Creative Practice: week six


Processed with VSCO with k3 preset
Processed with VSCO with k3 preset


Oct 24th,

I was washing dishes in my kitchen which over looks my backyard,  when I noticed the vivid sea of yellow.  Of course I’ve always known that leaves change colours,  and I have experienced a Saskatchewan fall since before I can remember. But I’ve never seen my backyard look anything quite like this.  The photos don’t do what I saw justice.  It might have been the way the sun had been peering through the leaves,  or my recently checked eyes but these poplar trees had never been so beautiful.  I felt like I was living in a postcard.

Because what my eyes were seeing was not what my camera was capture,  I decided to try an edit.  I used vsco presets to help the photo process to something I thought resembled more of what I was seeing.  The perfect sky blue and the deep golden yellow that are achieved in my selected preset is exactly the way that image was ingrained in my mind.  The season of autumn is famous for its vibrant warms Colours and it’s crisp air.  Though I do love autumn I have always been a “summer girl”.  However I must say,  the way my backyard is looking these days my have me jumping wagons soon!

Thinking about my findings this week I realized that art, especially within nature,  has such a strong power to make us “feel”.  I posed some questions for myself:

  • How can I create works that evoke feeling in people?
  • Do I create works that evoke feelings or emotions?
  • What do I find in art that makes me feel?

Weekly Creative Practice :week five


This I observed the vapour that comes shooting out of my essential oil diffuser (also known as a nebulizer).  I was getting ready for bed and going about my regular routine I turned on my nebulizer.  The relaxing hum and the comforting scents it can give make my nebulizer one of my most valued items. As I lay there and looked at something I commonly just listen to or smell I realized that watching it was relaxing in itself.

The way that the water vapour comes shooting out the spout for shapes and clouds that are always unique.  I began to watch the vapour the way people look into the sky and watch the clouds.  And yes in the pictures the vapour looks a lot like smoke,  but I assure you it most definitely not.  And that to me seemed interesting.  The fact that this water vapour purifying my air looks a lot like smoke,  something that pollutes the air.

This though began to make me ponder the idea of what I call “visuals homonym ” things that look the same but are different! I began to think of other things that might be a” visual homonym “.

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Weekly Creative Practice : week four

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Oct 11th…..

It is the weekend of Thanksgiving and the fall decor and Thanksgiving season’s colours,  smells,  and decor are among us. I’m sure I am not the only person who would state that fall is one of the most beautiful seasons.  The scenery is always colourful and warm.  The foliage is beautiful and always catches the eye. The most favourite thing I love about fall is the sunflowers.  Though sunflowers are seen in mid to late summer,  I feel as though I see them more in the fall.  Sunflowers are the most cheerful flower (in my opinion).  In full bloom sunflowers bring so mush visual joy!

But, like all flowers,  sunflowers wilt and wither.  Although wilting cause a flower to look dead and lifeless I still find that there is a strong beautiful in the dying sunflower. I had bought some sunflowers about a week before Thanksgiving and by thank giving they had begun to wilt and wither. By the time I had gotten home from the thank giving weekend (today)  the sunflowers are evidently “on their last leg”. 

I began to examine the wiltedflower. The colours had changed slightly and the peadels shrunk in size.  The round head of the flower seems to be almost full intact,  almost as if it was still alive.  The flower itself was now facing downward,  with the steam forming an almost upside down “u”  shape.  I began to realize that although the sunflowers seemed to lose their visual joy,  they still held their beauty.  The beauty is seen is different textures,  shapes,  and colours.

Weekly Creative Practice: Object of Interest.

Monday October 5th.

As I am cleaning my room on my day off I come across my dad’s old camera. I have kept this camera in a safe spot in my room for years and years now. I kind of ” dibs-ed” it when my brother and I found it one day. I love photography and I love vintage things, so this camera was worth more than gold to me. Add on that this camera was my dads, and it is easily one of my most prized possessions. As I picked the camera up off the shelf to dust I began to examine it.

I looked and the old and somewhat corroded lense and all the vintage-y type colours that cannon used. The typography and the build reminded me of what is was like living in the world when I was a young child. And the memories that were captured by this camera when I was a young child. I found it so interesting that the object that captured the memories and the past, was solely reminding me of my fond memories of childhood, and my dad- the man behind the camera. I am not much of a keeper of many things from the past, but this camera will always remain one of the most important objects I have ever held.

IMG_0397 IMG_0398