Week Two: Things That Catch My Eye

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Sunday September 27th, 2015

This weekend brought some nice warm weather, and with warm weather I like my coffee cold ( or iced). Normally I am a straight up black coffee drinker, but cold coffee sometimes tastes a little better with some milk. As I was pouring milk into my coffee I became fascinated with they way the milk formed in the coffee. Now I have seen this happen before (I do not live completely under a rock) but this time the sun was shining just right, and the colours of the coffee and milk amalgamating seemed more vivid than ever. I found the contrasting swirling colours to catch my eye just as if it were a huge piece of art in a gallery. I started to realize how much we as artists can rely on our surrounds for inspiration, and how everyday life holds so many artistic qualities.

I love finding the art in day to day life. Whether it be the milk in my coffee or the texture on my driveway, there is so many small details that go unnoticed. It is funny how these overlooked details make up the essential parts of our everyday lives. As a visual artist I love getting my inspiration from my everyday surroundings- the tiny details that add up to the big picture that is my whole life.


Week One: Things That Catch My Eye


September 19th, 2015

It was 8:30 in the morning on Thursday, I was getting ready to leave for school when I realized the plant I have been growing on my window sill was randomly place directly in the middle of my curtains. It seemed so picturesque and symmetrical. I found it strange that I had not notice that I had randomly placed my plant in a position that seems to be preplanned and thought out in a aesthetically pleasing way.

I love the art of interior design, and I am constantly decorating or reorganizing my surrounds. I tend to always notice and appreciate the way a room or house is set up with all the elements that embody the owners styles, tastes, and personalities. I would say that my room is a space that I put time and energy into in order to make it  aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and specific to my personal needs. With that being said, I find it interesting that I unintentionally arranged an ornament ( such as my plant) In the “perfect” spot without planning it out prior.