Supplementary Material

If you have yet to read “Janus” here is a PDF I have found for you.

After reading “Janus” by Anne Beattie, i began to wondering the mean of the title of the story. I was unsatisfied with the fact that the title name never clicked as a read through the story. so, naturally I Googled it. Here is what I found ( Yes it is the information from Wikipedia so if that doesn’t sit right with you here is another resource I found). Both of these resources helped me put the pieces together. I loved the hidden meaning within the title, that I actually had to search for. It was as if the title is as mysterious as the bowl.

fun fact ( mostly about me, but it relates to the story):

I have actually taken a ceramics class, in which my major project was making and constructing bowls. There was a specific bowl I had recently made that I constantly pictured as Andrea’s bowl as I was reading the story. I hope no adulterous lovers buys one of my bowls for a gift … just kidding! I will take anyone’s money.



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