Setting, Point Of View , And The Time Line Of “Janus” By Ann Beattie


The story takes place in the everyday life of Andrea, the story is told in within her career, marriage, love life, and personal life (time spent alone). The concrete settings of the story would include: the craft fair, the open houses she hosts for clients, and at home.

Point of view:

Andrea is not the narrator, but the story is narrated in third- person point of view. The story is told about the character of Andrea in the perspective of a third party.


 Here is a chronologically ordered time line to better understand the story with the point of view, and many settings:


  1. Andrea is a successful real estate agent, married to a successful stockbroker. Andrea lives at home with her husband and their dog Mondo.
  2. Andrea attends a craft fair/ market with her lover where she sees a bowl that peeks her interest, but she doesn’t buy it.
  3. Her lover buys her the bowl, because he saw how much she had admired it.
  4. Andrea accepts the gift of the bowl, and it become one her most prized possessions.
  5. At some point Andrea’s lover leaves her because Andrea will not choose to leave her husband. Her lover says, “she was always to slow to know what she really loved. Why continue with her life the way it was? Why be two- faced, he asked her” (209, Beattie)
  6. Andrea continues to admire her bowl in spite of her “breakup”.
  7. Andrea’s husband sees the bowl, and is pleased that she has bought something she likes. He calls the bowl pretty, but doesn’t pay too much attention to it.
  8. Andrea begins to bring the bowls to her open houses as part of strategies, just how she uses her dog.
  9. The bowl turns into Andrea’s good-luck charm.
  10. Andrea becomes obsessive and possessive with the bowl, not being able to do her job without it. The bowl becomes her sense of confidence, and she attributes much of her success in real estate to her bowl.
  11. The bowl becomes her greatest secret and anxiety both within her marriage and in her career. However the secret is more prominent in her marriage.
  12. The anxiety about the bowl breaking starts to consume her. (This is symbolic of her anxiety within her personal life and marriage, even in her career).

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