Characters Of “Janus” By Ann Beattie


Andrea and her husband are really the only characters that are ever described in detail. However the it is possible to describe Andrea’s lover, but he still not as significant as Andrea. There is other people involved in the story, such as buyers and clients, but these people are never created as actual characters with descriptions or any real part played within the story.


  • Real-estate agent.
  • Extremely successful.
  • Secretive / hard to read.
  • Adulterous (has/ had a lover).
  • Owner of the bowl, and obsessive with the bowl.
  • She seems to be confused with herself.
  • She is two faced.
  • Has skewed morals, and ideas of right and wrong.


The Husband

  • Successful (went to grad school, and now is very comfortable financially).
  • Seems like a generally good guy.
  • Possibly slightly oblivious (his wife did have an affair).
  • Enjoys the finer things in life, now that he can afford them.
  • Knowledgeable in his field of work.
  • He and Andrea have a lot in common as it says in the story; “ They were a lot a like, really- they agreed on that. They were both quiet people- reflective, slow to make value judgments, but almost intractable once they had come to a conclusion.” (208, Beattie).
  • He dismissive and impatient when matters are complicated? (His marriage perhaps?).


The Lover

  • There isn’t a lot of elaboration on this character or even, any emphasis, but he is an important part of Andrea’s identity/ two-faced-ness.
  • He leaves Andrea because she doesn’t choose him and only him.
  • Seems to have some morals in the sense that he wants Andrea to leave her husband to be together and leaves her because he doesn’t want to be a “lover”. However he seems to throw his morals out the window when I engaged in a relationship with Andrea, a married woman, in the first place.



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