Wrapping Up My Personal Arts project ; W E A V I N G

Over the course of the winter 2015 semester I have been requires to work on a personal arts project. The art was the students choice, and I chose weaving. I chose weaving because I had been seeing a lot of woven tapestries and or wall hangings come up in home decor magazines, style blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on.  I thought it would be cool to learn a skill that happens to be a DIY art trend right now. So, here I am, wrapping up my art project that I have been working on for an entire semester.

here where my goals I set out before starting the project:



The first few weeks of Feb. Try my hand at weaving, and try to get a feel for it. Complete a woven wall piece to mark my “starting point”


The first week in march Complete a second wall piece, hopefully improving on skills
The middle of march (maybe the 16th) Complete a third wall piece this time incorporating some type of pattern or shapes within the composition of the piece.
The last week of march Complete one last wall piece that will incorporates everything I have learned, hopefully exemplifying some skill improvement.

Although a requirement for this project, setting up goals before hand allowed to me to stay on track and have  a game plan for what this project would look like while continuing to participate in my other classes and just generally live my life, considering a social life ( lets be honest I am a student, i don’t have much of a social life haha) and my work schedule.

Over the course of the semester my goals and plans shifted slightly. I originally wanted to incorporate a more complex pattern or design in my hangings, but it made more sense to me to master the style I was originally practicing before trying a new style.

Here are my finished pieces:


  PIECE #2 




L e a v e a C o m m e n t

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