My Favourite ED Tech Tools


Over the course of my first semester in ECMP 355, I have come to understand the benefits of the incredible technology we have today. Using technology in the classroom or any educational setting is something I strongly believe. Below are some of my favourite tools that I have used to help build my Personal learning network. These tools can be used to implement my teaching and provide me with information about the international world of education. I look forward to learning more about technology in educations and using it to give my future students the best possibly education they can get.



  1. Word Press: I used word press to create my professional education blog and to build my PLN.
  2. Twitter: I use twitter to follow peers, fellow educators, education moguls, and so on. I also use twitter to participate in twitter chats that help build my educational knowledge and network with educators from all over the world. This also helps build my PLN.
  3. Google Plus: I have grown to find Google plus to be the best way to stay connected and build my PLN through the uses of online communities.
  4. Feedly: I used Feedly to follow and find educational, and professional blogs of any category of my interest. This helps build my knowledge of the issues within education today, and again build my PLN.
  5. Pinterest: I used Pinterest long before my education classes, but have since been using it to find and share educational ideas. From crafts, to charts, Pinterest has it all.
  6. Google Drive: I have been using Google drive to organize all my work and create Google docs. This is a more up to date and professional way to keep and share documents, lessons, etc.

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