S C R A T C H that!

OH MY GOODNESS, never again… So I made a video on SCRATCH , and it was awful, frustrating, and my product was even more awful! I am sure some people could spend hours on this site creating fun videos, or making “sick” beats, but I could not, and would not! Now, this is not to say the site isn’t good because it is, but this is something I am just not interested in at all. I cannot explain to you how much I hated every second of it. All I can do is show you my video and give you a good laugh at my lame excuse for a video!

personally I doubt I would ever use this in a lesson, but I don’t think it is completely useless. I do believe in exposing students to as many technologies and tools as possible! Students might find that they are really good at this type of thing, and they might just simply enjoy it. Students that are like me however, will not find any joy in this, and they might just get frustrated and discouraged. I know in high school when I had to learn Auto CAD I could not stand it! I remember being so frustrated and terrified by how hard I found it that I turned away from computers as much as I could!



<iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/embed/35187322


Check out Scratch, and make your own video! You might understand my frustration a little more after trying to create your own, so I strongly encourage it!

Tell me what you thought!


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