Use The Hands Yo Momma Gave Ya!

Through the process of my learning project I am finding it hard to lean away from my hand lettering and post about it, its just too fun to put down. However I want to share this fun with anyone and everyone.

In todays day and age we do almost everything on the computer, which means, we also create a lot of things on the computer. I get it, I really do, but as an artist I feel myself pulling back from letting the computer take full control. The great thing is; we also have the opportunity to create works by hand and then later digitize them. Digitizing work makes it easier to share, so I totally get that and agree with it. However there is something so enchanting and genuine about the pen and paper stroke marks that make art form like hand lettering so pleasing. In other words, it much more amazing to she the hand work of a calligrapher/ typographers/ hand- letterer than to see a computer printed phrase or word. I mean lets face it, anyone can do that! Which is great, but what about us artists who work hard to build up our talent to create beauty for all to see?




made from



Over the course of this project I find myself looking at the computer printed works, and countless Pinterest quotes overlaying beautifully edited photos, and just wish that I create letters that looked as flawless. Lately though, I have been able to appreciate the perfect imperfections that make handmade art so charming and enduring. So, I decided to make some rough drafts and just let my mind and hand flow. This is a strategy I use a lot when creating art, It give the artist a break from their work but keeps the creative juices flowing. Sometimes the art one creates without a desired outcome works as the greatest inspiration.

Here is what I came up with when I let my hands and mind roam free! This has turned out to b some of my favourite pieces!


IMG_1692    IMG_1691

for this one I printed a photo of myself, and painted the lettering on ("proverbs" is stamped on with rubber stamps)
For this one I printed a photo of myself, and painted the lettering on (“proverbs” was stamped on with rubber stamps)



2 thoughts on “Use The Hands Yo Momma Gave Ya!

  1. These are GORGEOUS! Wow! I wanna read everything about lettering now too! …I’m kind of a closet art-nerd. I used to do calligraphy, and loved it, but the ideas that are out there with creative lettering are just so beautiful. What has been the hardest thing to learn in the process?

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    1. Thanks Kendra! The hardest thing for me is honestly probably remembering to alway map out where certain words or letters will go, there is really a lot of planning that goes into each piece to insure that it will flow nicely, read easily, and just generally look good.


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