Teach Me Your Ways; 3 steps to becoming a pro

I have been searching high and low on every inch of the internet for the best hand lettering tutorials that might possibly make me a pro ( wishful thinking ). Here are some of the site and videos I have found that I haven’t talked about yet!

1. Wedesignstudios.com : A tutorial in hand lettering By Laura Worrick

2. This video with some cool techniques I haven’t seen before

there is also this video made by the same person. It is cool to see this type of lettering, but other than just watching there isnt much to learn from the video. I still used it anyway because it is a form of lettering I want to try!

3. 9000 things – A DIY , Design and Handmade Blog By Ali Nichole

this is an awesome site that shows me how she make her work digital; super useful I definitely want to try this out!


I also found this video from moeglydesign.com . I also really love his site. Do check it out, you wont regret it, I guarantee. By December I hope I can pull something like this off!



Stay tuned for another post as I use these sites to help me create to rad pieces! And if you have ever come across any useful tutorials please let me know, and comment below!


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