Save Money; Be C R E A T I V E

From posters, to boarders, to cute little alphabet decals classrooms are places that usually aren’t lacking in decor.  I have enough teachers in my family to know that most teachers actually have to buy all that stuff. Making a four walled room with nothing but empty spaces, and desks is hardly a place that sparks inspiration or facilitates learning. Although some would argue that its nothing but  a distraction, I believe it to be a necessity.

Depending where you teach some schools have an allowance that gives the teacher some money to help them decorate. But for the most part a lot of teachers I know own almost everything in their classroom with the exception of a clock, the desks , and maybe a few shelves.

Being creative and having the ability to create some of your own decorations could save you a lot of money! But, here is the problem with that: 1) being creative does not mean you have more time on your hands, making things by hands only means you NEED time, and lets face it teachers are busy! Problem 2) this is a big one… not everyone is creative. whether you have the time or not you may just not have that artsy side to you, and you may find it difficult to produce something aesthetically pleasing. Whether you are faced with problem 1 or 2 or possibly even both, I have found something you might enjoy!

While cruising through Pinterest this morning I was looking to find a new tool that would help within the arts ed department, but I found a tool that could help in any classroom! I found a site that makes posters, no creativity or Plethora of time needed! All you need is a nice little quote, and some fingers to type it in. The site is called Recitethis.comand honestly its got some cool modern templates that will definitely satisfy any style you have in mind for you classroom. It’s so easy too!

How it works:

1. click on the link 

2. type in a nice little educational quote (or any suitable quote for your classroom)

3. choose one of the many stylish templates

4. press create

5. share on Facebook, twitter, or email to a friend or co worker

6. click download to download the image

7. print that masterpiece off! and admire your handsome self -made poster!


Here are a couple of the posters I made:

recite-30661--1874745122-ggk4ve                   recite-31772--1876671915-1ecqx7w

Pretty nifty right?! I Hope you can find a couple of minutes to make some sweet posters for you classroom using this site.




Have you ever used ? Have you ever had any problems? Any other tools you have come across that would help spruce up a classroom? comment below!


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