An Art Teacher Who Lets Her Students Party In Class !?

During my weekly stroll through Feedly today I found an article that sparked my interest instantly! As most of you know I am an arts education student, which is both a fine arts student and an education student! So, with that being said, I usually love all things art. Now, mix art and education? that’s where the party gets started…and that exactly what That Little Art Teacher Teacher does. With good behaviour measures by a chart her students can earn the privilege of partying in class, but it’s not just any type of party, It’s an ART PARTY!

Lets just take some time to talk about how clever this art teacher is. These students are actively behaving their best to participate in some crazy, fun, messy art. It’s a reward that also helps them learn! How awesome is that? It’s not a pizza party or a movie day but an activity that keeps their developing brains active, while relaxing. As a future visual art teacher and just general  art enthusiast, I believe that every child should be exposed to art in a positive way.

Art is not only therapeutic but it is a necessary part of our world that is essential to the well-being of all human beings. Whether it be ancient cave paintings that help us understand and study an ancient culture or the Mona Lisa that give us insight on an era we are not of,  Art is an important part of life, whether you like to admit it or not. Which is why I love that this teacher has used a more free form of art in the form of an ART PARTY to help her students relax and decompress as a reward to their good behaviour during previous lessons.


Here is a quick and simple explanation of why arts education is important, check it out!


That Little Art Teacher is a Blog I have been following religiously, it has really been a window into a classroom for me to observe and watch what is it like to be an art teacher. I truly admire her creativity and become inspired by her fun ideas to help incorporate meaningful into the learning of her students.

Do you know of any other arts education blogs I should be following? Or are you an arts ed teacher with creative ideas? Please comment below!


3 thoughts on “An Art Teacher Who Lets Her Students Party In Class !?

  1. Hey there Molly! Thanks for the cool blog suggestion! I’ve always managed to have a few students in my class each year who seem to complain that they’re not good at art or that it’s boring. I really like the hands on idea of an Art Party as it allows kids to be creative entirely on their own without worry of being judged on their art’s appearance. It make’s art FUN this way!

    In my Grade 6 art class, we cover many of the “Art is…” themes covered in the video you posted. I may have to swipe some assessment ideas from your blog that you suggested too.

    An Arts Ed Blog that I was recommended by a former teacher of mine from back home in Hamilton is the Studio-Learing Blog by Nan Hathaway in Vermont. Nan Hathaway is an Arts Ed. teacher who has her own arts studio and regularly posts activity ideas that can be tailored to any theme in most subjects in the curriculum (esp. ELA, Math, Social). She shows off her students’ work that they have completed through problem solving and exploring different types of media. I have used a couple of her ideas but the one I’m excited to use is her book cover activity. My 6s have reading buddies with Grade 1s, and in the spring we will be using the story writing process to create and (‘self’) publish our own Fairy Tale Books. My students will write and illustrate their own book. Not sure if you heard of her, but here’s the link:


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