My Favourite ED Tech Tools


Over the course of my first semester in ECMP 355, I have come to understand the benefits of the incredible technology we have today. Using technology in the classroom or any educational setting is something I strongly believe. Below are some of my favourite tools that I have used to help build my Personal learning network. These tools can be used to implement my teaching and provide me with information about the international world of education. I look forward to learning more about technology in educations and using it to give my future students the best possibly education they can get.



  1. Word Press: I used word press to create my professional education blog and to build my PLN.
  2. Twitter: I use twitter to follow peers, fellow educators, education moguls, and so on. I also use twitter to participate in twitter chats that help build my educational knowledge and network with educators from all over the world. This also helps build my PLN.
  3. Google Plus: I have grown to find Google plus to be the best way to stay connected and build my PLN through the uses of online communities.
  4. Feedly: I used Feedly to follow and find educational, and professional blogs of any category of my interest. This helps build my knowledge of the issues within education today, and again build my PLN.
  5. Pinterest: I used Pinterest long before my education classes, but have since been using it to find and share educational ideas. From crafts, to charts, Pinterest has it all.
  6. Google Drive: I have been using Google drive to organize all my work and create Google docs. This is a more up to date and professional way to keep and share documents, lessons, etc.

When you see our #edtech package you’ll be asking for s’more



Haha, ok this is such a lame title, but really, my group and I created a nice little ed tech package on S’mores. And I must say; we did a great job, I am proud of us. Our project was to create an ed tech package making a flyer that listed a few great apps that would help students learn in their respective subjects. We found apps for health, inclusive ed, social studies, fine arts, math, english language arts, and science. We also made short videos  tutorials for a couple of the apps. In addition to the apps we also included a small section about digital citizenship. Check it out!

A Gallery For My Works!

As the semester comes close to end I want to find a way to display all my work collectively for all to see! Because this is an ONLINE learning project I decided to keep my gallery online, so I have created an Instagram account specifically for my hand lettering projects, pieces, and progress.

So here’s what I need YOU to do:


1. If you don’t already have an Insatgram account sign up for one here.

2. Follow @creativemolly  and my twitter account @mollybasnicki

3. browse through all my posts, view my progress, and maybe add comment or two!


thanks guys! enjoy! And stay tuned for more cool hand-lettered pieces!

Hand- Lettering: Lets get digital!

It is no secret that I am a Pinterest addict! I basically use it like it’s google sometimes, it’s like my go to search engine. Over the last few days I have found some awesome sites that have and will help me a little bit more in my hand lettering. I found this site that may help me take my hand-lettering to the next level if I choose to take it here!  I think it is cool to consider digitizing my art… I mean, this is class about technology.

As I was browsing through the hand- lettering category on Pinterest I found Skillshare. It is a great site that brings leaners and creators together hosting several tutorials and classes on many different forms of arts and craft. Lucky for me I found the digitizing hand-lettering tutorial! This was like winning the lottery for me. Being to take my art digital is something I get really want to learn about. So I have decided to join this class for the month, it will only cost me about ten dollars per month ( if I decide to continue after this one month).  I hoping I can learn from these classes and hopefully produce some pieces. I will keep you posted on whether or not I have success in my digitizing journey!


here is the class’s quick introduction:



S C R A T C H that!

OH MY GOODNESS, never again… So I made a video on SCRATCH , and it was awful, frustrating, and my product was even more awful! I am sure some people could spend hours on this site creating fun videos, or making “sick” beats, but I could not, and would not! Now, this is not to say the site isn’t good because it is, but this is something I am just not interested in at all. I cannot explain to you how much I hated every second of it. All I can do is show you my video and give you a good laugh at my lame excuse for a video!

personally I doubt I would ever use this in a lesson, but I don’t think it is completely useless. I do believe in exposing students to as many technologies and tools as possible! Students might find that they are really good at this type of thing, and they might just simply enjoy it. Students that are like me however, will not find any joy in this, and they might just get frustrated and discouraged. I know in high school when I had to learn Auto CAD I could not stand it! I remember being so frustrated and terrified by how hard I found it that I turned away from computers as much as I could!



<iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”


Check out Scratch, and make your own video! You might understand my frustration a little more after trying to create your own, so I strongly encourage it!

Tell me what you thought!

Use The Hands Yo Momma Gave Ya!

Through the process of my learning project I am finding it hard to lean away from my hand lettering and post about it, its just too fun to put down. However I want to share this fun with anyone and everyone.

In todays day and age we do almost everything on the computer, which means, we also create a lot of things on the computer. I get it, I really do, but as an artist I feel myself pulling back from letting the computer take full control. The great thing is; we also have the opportunity to create works by hand and then later digitize them. Digitizing work makes it easier to share, so I totally get that and agree with it. However there is something so enchanting and genuine about the pen and paper stroke marks that make art form like hand lettering so pleasing. In other words, it much more amazing to she the hand work of a calligrapher/ typographers/ hand- letterer than to see a computer printed phrase or word. I mean lets face it, anyone can do that! Which is great, but what about us artists who work hard to build up our talent to create beauty for all to see?




made from



Over the course of this project I find myself looking at the computer printed works, and countless Pinterest quotes overlaying beautifully edited photos, and just wish that I create letters that looked as flawless. Lately though, I have been able to appreciate the perfect imperfections that make handmade art so charming and enduring. So, I decided to make some rough drafts and just let my mind and hand flow. This is a strategy I use a lot when creating art, It give the artist a break from their work but keeps the creative juices flowing. Sometimes the art one creates without a desired outcome works as the greatest inspiration.

Here is what I came up with when I let my hands and mind roam free! This has turned out to b some of my favourite pieces!


IMG_1692    IMG_1691

for this one I printed a photo of myself, and painted the lettering on ("proverbs" is stamped on with rubber stamps)
For this one I printed a photo of myself, and painted the lettering on (“proverbs” was stamped on with rubber stamps)