The Better The Tools The Better The Work?

Tonight, I decided to research more ways people create hand lettering pieces. An important thing and common theme I found when listening to each artist was the importance of their tools. It was stressed that specific pens and ink work better for hand lettering. More archive-able pens have an ink that can with stand more therefore giving a more clear, clean, and precise line.

I found a site online called: Blick Art Materials that sells good pens and pencils that I could find useful for hand-lettering. I think I might have to go buy some better pens as some of mine don’t seem to hold up well with the erasing step. investing in a nice comfortable mechanical pencil may be in my future as well!

In further research I wanted to find a tutorial that would walk me through the entire process of creating a hand- lettered piece, with step by step instructions. And I found just that!

I love this video tutorial! The artist basically walks the viewers through her general process, while giving clear instructions.


In my next post I will walk you through my process following the instructions given in the above video, stay tuned!


If anyone knows of great tools I should try to use and suggestions of where to buy such tools, please comment below!



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