Amanda Todd a story of unnecessary tragedy

There is no doubt, the  media can mislead the public. When sharing stories only highlights and interesting news pieces are made public, but there is always more to the story. There is controversy over the subject of online crimes. When it comes to young girls online there is a struggle to decipher who the victim is,  and who is to blame. Amanda Todd unfortunately was a victim that fits into this category.

Amanda Todd is a name most commonly know for the girl with the youtube video holding flash cards telling her story of struggle. But there was much more to her story than the words on her flash cards…

view:              The Sextoration of Amanda Todd


After viewing this I would like to urge you to remember that It is hard for a child to know what is wrong or to self prevent themselves from making mistakes, if they are unaware of the risks they are taking.

Above all else, I find this story to be proof of the need for digital citizenship to be incorporated into the curriculum . If we have lessons and make it not only a part of everyday life, but also part of their education it will inevitably have an impact. I there should be no child left with ignorance regarding their online lives. Simply put we must enlighten young learners the risks and rewards of there online lives.  If we fail to teach this I feel that there is no one else to blame than education. That being said there is always chances of mistakes, and future tragedies that result from an online life, but there goal here is to prevent.

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