The S T A R T I N G point

Alright so, this is the initial starting point of my learning project. Being a student and having 2 jobs is not an easy task, And I have fallen behind on this project BUT no fear because I am finally here! And I am ready to get lettering!

So, I’ve bookmarked a few articles and blogs that I had researched to help me with this project. The first one I looked at was We Design Studios and honestly they made it look way easier than it actually is. I mean, sure someone who might have a slight clue what they are doing would maybe benefit from this piece, but me? not so much.  Although I did learn a bit from this blog post I found myself thirsty for a little more help and info.

So as I searched for more online resources I decided to just simply write out a few different styles of writing. Here is what I initially came up with and this is what I can call my STARTING POINT. Check it out:



As you can see I quickly sketched out some letters to see what kind where I am at in terms of lettering. Id say I am pretty amateur. As you can see not all my lines are smooth or equal. Smooth, equal, and crisp lines are what I am hoping to gain from tis project. I think it is easy to look at a picture and copy it, but it’s a lot harder to take it straight from your brain to the paper. When I look at a reference picture to create a hand-lettered word I came up with this. If you compare my Instagram post and the picture above, it is clear that it is much easier to copy a picture than to come up with it myself. Copying is something I think plays a role in art, but I feel that it should not become the crutch for the artist. With that being said I really want to stay away from using reference pictures within this project.


Next time in my learning project!:

I will be looking at this video. Check it out!


Do you have any tips for me? Please leave a comment!




2 thoughts on “The S T A R T I N G point

  1. Great to see that you are getting started and using links and videos in your post. Remember that the expectation is for about 50-100 hours of work on this project, so you’ll need to really put a lot of time in since you are starting somewhat late. I look forward to seeing how it goes!


    1. Thanks @katiahildebrandt , I am working on trying to post about my learning several times a week un order to catch up, so you will be seeing a lot more posts! I look forward to your comments and critiques.


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