The Happy Medium ; the wrong and right times to shut off your phone

From viral YouTube videos, to the ability to tweet ones thoughts in an instant the world has undoubtably reached a new way of living. This is now a place where people have measured self-worth from the amount of likes on an Instagram post  and where talking to someone over text is easier than talking to them in person. Everything we need or want is at the tip of  our fingers.

I am no stranger to the anger that comes from trying to talk to a friend in person who is staring at the screen of their phone. However, this does not mean I think technology is to blame or that I think it’s not useful, or that humanity as a whole doesn’t benefit from it because we do. Whether your phone is stuck to your hand or you would rather poke your eyes out than to create a twitter account there is something I believe everyone should consider. I believe there is a compromise, a happy medium. I do not think technology needs to take the place of face to face human interaction, but there is a lot that can be accomplished with technology and we would be stupid not to deny that! with that being said I have two videos for you to watch and I will share my opinions and comments about each video.




Here Are 5 things I’d like so say about this video:

1. I am loving the lyrical art of this video.
2. I strongly agree with about 99% of it.
3. I didn’t say 100% because I have personally experience the benefits of connecting and networking over social media, and I couldn’t imagine education without technology (I do not think this video is necessarily denying that), B U T  I do believe more often than not, texting, Facebooking, and Tweeting is done at the wrong times. People plan to hangout and say they miss each other, but as soon as they sit in the same room together there are more texts, tweets, and status updates than words exchanged by mouth. This is a problem.  Are we only capable of maintaining those relationships online?
4. Next time you make plans with friends or family I challenge you to put down your phone for a couple of minutes, look around, how many people of whom you’ve made plans with are staring at a screen? If you can say none that’s awesome and I envy you, but most will say almost everyone. I bet in that moment you almost feel ignored, and unimportant to those people who claimed they miss you and actually made plans to hang out with you. Is this what “hanging out” looks like?
5. Everyone including myself has something to consider from this video and hopefully you’ll adjust your habits in a way that utilizes technology for the bettering of your life and relationships and not to weaken or fabricate.


Here is the next video, I can’t say I agree with as much of this Video as I do the first one, but It does throw around a couple good points that I think are important to remember.



This video is a direct  response to the “moving” LOOK UP video that I am sure most have you have seen if you haven’t you can watch it here.

LOOK DOWN is quite clever…. although, I would like to point out that just because the internet in all its Twitter, Facebook, and Instagraming glory provides networking in very amazing ways, I still stand by the fact that it does not need to take the place of face to face relationships or networking. I mean lets face it technology is a part of life now a days, and it is here to stay so lets utilize it (especially for education)! However, I do think it is important to remember that there is still a time to put down the phone, close the laptop, or shut off the Ipad. other than that, this guy makes some excellent points with great humour.

Technology only controls as much of your life as you allow it to. Some people can find the happy medium with ease and others have a hard time and struggle with knowing when they need to put the phone down.  I think it is great to see pictures of your nephew or long-lost friend on Facebook, twitter or Insatgaram, but are those things at that very time a higher priority than your friend or loved one that is sitting right next to you? If you only pay attention to whats going on online you miss the “right heres” and ” right nows”of your life,  the little things that make up memories or that make us feel fulfilled in a healthy way.

I leave you with this; as someone who uses social media and technology and also someone who gets irritated by the friend with the phoned glued to their hand.  I live with a simple golden rule of technology. “If you are ignoring someone or closing off any possible interaction you need to put that stinkin’ phone down!” Of course, momentary breaks of checking a feed or replying to a text aren’t doing much harm, but when you find yourself staring at a screen for consecutive minutes while someone is trying to interact with you, I hate to say it, but you’ve got a problem my dear.  Use your technology wisely my friends, you wont regret it!


3 thoughts on “The Happy Medium ; the wrong and right times to shut off your phone

  1. wow. I think you explain very well how I feel about that situation. Yes techonology is good and very useful, and yes it doesn’t always mean antocial but you make the point of view for both side but also not forgetting the rspect we have to show of people live front of us. Good blog 🙂


  2. Presently there is no consensus on what digital etiquette is. Everyone seems to have a different opinion. Some would say your ideas are too stringent. Others would say that even quickly checking and responding to a text is rude. Someone needs to update this book

    Maybe you should.


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