My first post as a “blogger”; An Introduction By Moi

  Hi there! my name is Molly Faith Basnicki and I am a future teacher/ educator/ inspirer, whatever you want to call it. My avenue of choice is visual art, from ceramics to photography I want to teach it all. Why? First I will start with my passion, appreciation, and love for art. Art is something truly believe and know to be effort based; in the words of Mackelmore “the greats weren’t  great, because at birth they could paint, the greats were great because they paint a lot”. Sure, some are born with a natural talent and a vigorous passion but even they have to practice with mediums to uncover their greatest talents.The great thing about art is there never really is a plateau to be reached which means the learning and discovery never ends.

In this world there are doctors and lawyers, waitresses and baristas, scientists and mathematicians,not all students are going to love art or become an artist,  but I would love nothing more than to share with future students the beauty and need for art in their everyday lives. Because like I said there will be artists and there will be doctors but whether you make art or  simply just appreciate it, art is all around you and serves so many purposes.

Secondly and very importantly, a driving force that has influenced me to become a teacher is my passion for children and young minds. I have worked at camp, days camps, in children’s ministries , and as an EA and I’ve always had a desire to be a role model and inspire young minds, or better yet, be inspired by young minds!


L e a v e a C o m m e n t

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